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The trend for plastic surgeries in modern society

By Konstantina Kerpinioti,

Nowadays, many people undergo at least one plastic surgery or, if they have not had any surgery, they are definitely thinking about the idea of having one.

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that focuses on restoring, reconstructing, or changing the human body. Reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery are the two basic types of surgery. Craniofacial surgery, hand surgery, and burn therapy are all examples of reconstructive surgery. While reconstructive surgery tries to rebuild or enhance the function of a bodily component, cosmetic or aesthetic surgery aims to improve its look.

In my opinion, it is perfectly normal to have plastic surgery for health reasons or to change a feature in your appearance that you may not like. Nevertheless, such a decision should be mature. Specifically, when you want to change a feature in your appearance, it would be good to have decided it yourself, without being affected by people around you and society in general. You also need to be aware, and understand, that this alteration in your appearance will not change your life dramatically. You will not acquire more friends, you will not get richer, you will not find a better job, and you will not find a love partner, because you will simply alter an element in your appearance, something that, unfortunately, many people who undergo plastic surgery believe.

Lip augmentation, before (left) and after (right) injections of dermal filler. Credits to: Subbotina Anna. Image source: shutterstock.com

As I mentioned above, having plastic surgery is not necessarily bad, as long as it is a conscious decision. But, when a person has a lot of plastic surgeries, then we are talking about a problematic and toxic situation that should concern society.

So, why is such a situation problematic? Let’s start with the fact that a person who has several plastic surgeries loses themselves. Suddenly, they become another person who does not look at all like before, a completely different person. This is problematic because the person who changes their outward appearance excessively rejects what and who they really are and becomes someone else. We should not forget that this trend for many plastic surgeries is caused by social media and especially Instagram, which promotes a specific model of beauty in recent years. This model is followed by many celebrities who have a significant influence on society, especially on youth. In particular, the contemporary model of beauty is flesh lips, a very small nose, cat eyes, as far as the face is concerned. Regarding the body, the rich breasts, the very thin waist, and the large pelvis are displayed. In order to reach this standard, it is not enough to just have healthy nutrition and exercise a lot. In other words, you cannot achieve this model of beauty in a natural way. For this reason, many women, in order to achieve this model of perfection as it is characterized by the majority of people, submit themselves to many surgeries spending a lot of money and putting their health at risk at the same time.

Therefore, why should you avoid having many plastic surgeries? Firstly, no one can reach perfection. If you think that celebrities on social media are perfect, then you make a huge mistake, because these people are unhappy. Every time they have plastic surgery, they are still not satisfied. This is evident from the fact that, while they have had so many plastic surgeries, they are still editing their photos on Instagram. They will never feel perfect. But what if they could? Is it worth sacrificing your health and happiness to be perfect? Of course not, because imperfections are something magical. Perfection is boring. Do not forget that we have imperfections by nature, therefore we should not try to change ourselves.

Kylie Jenner before and after undergoing plastic surgeries. Image source: https://okmagazine.com/photos/celebrity-plastic-surgeries/

The scariest part of this situation is that people not just lose their uniqueness, but end up looking exactly the same — almost identical. Imagine that you are walking on a street and you see one hundred identical people who are completely the same as each other without any difference. Already a significant percentage of people follow the model of Instagram. Just think about the state of the planet in a few years, where more than 90% of people will be identical, if nothing will be done to prevent it. A world without difference is scary and boring simultaneously. Furthermore, I find it unacceptable that girls in adolescence, who have not yet fully developed their personalities, undergo plastic surgeries in order to look like Kim Kardashian. These girls are influenced by society and media, and by their family and friends, who may tell them that they are not beautiful enough and refer them to plastic surgeries. So, we can understand that society is what pushes people to try to change their appearance and not their original desire.

Taking everything into consideration, I would like to highlight that, unless society changes its perceptions and values of life, mankind will become even worse. In particular, modern society must focus on the character and the inner world of a person and not on the outward appearance.

Do not let anyone judge and offend you! Love your uniqueness! Live healthily! Live happily!

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Konstantina Kerpinioti
Konstantina Kerpinioti
She is an undergraduate student at the Department of English Language and Literature at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens. She likes chess, swimming, and travel shows. She is a social and adventurous person and a supporter of gender equality and human rights in general. Also, she is interested in being informed and expressing her opinion on social issues. In addition, she considers self-confidence to be the most attractive element in an individual’s personality. She is a nature lover, and she adores cats. Her motto is that if you try and fight hard, you can achieve anything you want — even the impossible.