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ΑρχικήEnglish EditionOn endings and new beginnings

On endings and new beginnings

By Vasiliki Theodosiou,

‘’When one door closes, another opens’’. Yet another phrase which is always present in our lives, commonly mentioned, often without even realizing its true meaning.

The action of closing a door itself, whether that translates into leaving a job, ending a relationship, graduating from university, or even dropping out of it, is a decision that might be proven challenging to make. It is always hard to quit a routine that became a habit, or a person you were always comfortable being around. It becomes so hard that sometimes one closes the door and instead of attempting to move on to examine possibilities, they remain in the same place staring at that very door and contemplating their life choices.

As much as this reaction might only seem natural it is problematic. And the reason why can be found in the fact that the act of staring at a closed-door will most probably prevent one from making the realization that there are more doors out there.

And yes, undoubtedly, endings can be hard but they nevertheless are a point in life worth appreciating and celebrating because there will only be new beginnings to follow. And as much as all of these statements may present themselves as a bunch of cheesy ideas expressed in the mood of inspirationally quoting famous people’s words, they entail a truth that one fails to realize until they experience the overwhelming feeling that such instances can cause when it comes to handling emotions and making rational choices.

Image source: Pexels Harrison Haines

At the same time, the unknown principle of open doors might indeed turn out to be scary and intimidating, but under no circumstances does this mean that we should refrain from entering. But perhaps this is precisely where all the excitement lies. Besides, life would not be fun if we were to know everything that lies ahead. Some people express their wish to know what is to follow in their lives. Picturing that as a feasible option for a while makes one realize that all the excitement has vanished. And so has the joy of a pleasant surprise.

As much difficult as it may sound, it is absolutely normal not to know everything, to be unable to foresee the future. There might be something good that is awaiting, there might as well be something bad or both. But, one will never find out if they do not even wish to take the step towards that direction in the first place.

Options are out there, wide open and so is each and every one of us along with the freedom to choose between them.

‘’In my end is my beginning’’. Poems, movie titles, quotes, songs. Recreating this phrase and reinterpreting it. So are we, article writers. Finishing writing one piece, getting an idea for another. Running out of ideas and inspiration yet feeling like there will always be room for more creative initiatives and more innovative acts.

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Vasiliki Theodosiou
Graduate of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with a specialisation in Linguistics. Former member of the European Youth Parliament and TEDxAUTH. Apart from her linguistic background she also has a musical background as the latter constitutes a field that she is equally fond of.