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Disconnect to connect

By Stella Vasileiadou,

Many people look at me really strangely when I say that I would be happier without a cellphone. Unplugging from social media and technology is a scary thought for a lot of us, but it does not have to be. It could actually turn out to be a really great experience.

How often do you scroll through social media to stay in touch with friends and see what they are up to? How often do you grab your phone and check who texted you or what happened on Twitter?

Undoubtedly, technology made being connected 24/7 a piece of cake, but is this always a good thing? I do not think so. Here is why:

  • You do not spend quality time with your loved ones

When meeting someone special, are you really living in the moment? Or are you focused on what they are talking about? Stepping away from ‘’responsibilities’’ like answering calls, e-mail, or texts, in general, gives you a chance to really be by yourself or with your friends and family. With your phone on, a part of you is always with the people posting on Instagram and texting you. You are constantly stressed and worried about missing a message.

Another sad thing you will instantly notice by visiting the nearest café is that people will be rather taking pictures all the time, in order to post them on social media, instead of genuinely talking to the other person. They may have company, but in reality, they are really lonely. This is a very common phenomenon, especially among the newest generations; they are missing the point of human interaction and real friendships. They just like showing off their ‘’perfect’’ life.

Image Source: Pexels

  • Jealousy and insecurity are real things

How do your friends’ posts make you feel? You may be happy for them, but you are also a little jealous, right? Do not worry. It is completely normal to feel that way.

We tend to compare ourselves to everyone we see on social media, thinking that our life is not as good enough as theirs.

It is totally okay to share your good news with your friends in order to let them into your happy moment and celebrate with you, but sometimes this makes you feel bad about yourself, in the long run. But do not forget: People will only post their best moments on social media, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with your life.

  • Cellphone use can make you a less active person

By looking at an electronic screen all day, you hardly feel any motivation to exercise, which is known to reduce depression and increase feelings of agency, thus increasing confidence and control. Instead, you prefer lying in bed and texting people or scrolling through your feed on social media.

The detox time: And… what will I do if I unplug from technology?

Go for a walk outside, take a warm bath. Also, why not read the book you bought last year? Or go grab some lunch with a friend you have not seen in a while. Do a craft. Make a meal. Clean your house and make it beautiful. Do you notice anything about these activities? They are all things that will make you feel good. All of these activities are also ways to reconnect with yourself and with loved ones. Is it not a beautiful thing? So yes, in fact, you can reconnect in real life, by disconnecting from technology.



Stella Vasileiadou
She was born in 1998 and she is a graduate student in the department of International and European Studies at the University of Piraeus. She is passionate about learning foreign languages and currently she is fluent in English and French, while having good knowledge of Spanish. Plus, singing and reading articles about society issues and international affairs are some activities that are absolutely fulfilling for her.