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ΑρχικήEnglish EditionFrom acting to prison: the story of Allison Mack

From acting to prison: the story of Allison Mack

By Vasiliki Theodosiou,

During the past week, the well-known American actress Allison Mack faced a 3-year prison sentence and a 20.000-dollar fine by the U.S. court. Her name and picture might look familiar to some, as her career history did not always appear to be painted in dark stories and accusations, but rather in the glory that Hollywood fame has offered to quite a few individuals out there.

From 10 seasons in Smallville to a couple more in a comedy series, along with a membership in what initially claimed to be a massive marketing company, Allison was a favorable figure with no suspicious activity or affiliations. The company, of which she became a member, named NXIVM, was supposed to provide ‘inspirational executive coaching’, and was welcomed by the media as an innovative and creative initiative.

Little did the media and the public know that this description was a far cry from what was actually taking place under the coaching pretense and under the label of a multi-level personal development company. In 2018, the true identity of the so-called company was revealed, with its founders being accused of sex trafficking and abuse and the company being revealed as a sex cult that coerced individuals into labor and sex. Many victims came forward with accusations of rape, fraud, identity theft, and exploitation, while the Hollywood world stated its ignorance towards Allison’s true self and criminally inclined actions.

From 10 seasons in Smallville to a couple more in a comedy series, actress Allison Mack. (Image Source: Sky News)

It was further stated that the sentence that was announced for her just a few days ago was considered inadequate for some, as the actual prison time she was supposed to be facing would amount to approximately 17 years, yet was reduced due to her pleading guilty and cooperating with the authorities, in their effort to dismember and imprison the whole group. What really troubled some was the fact that Allison had no need to financially engage with such activities, as her fame and acting career already afforded her a quality lifestyle. Nevertheless, she knowingly chose to not only engage with the group’s activities but also use her fame and trust as a public figure to extort women into slavery of sexual nature amongst other things that are truly impossible for the average human mind to conceive.

Looking at her state today and her stance towards multiple journalists asking her whether she has regretted her past choices, Mack stated her apologies to anyone she has hurt and claimed to go through a healing process of self-reflection and remorse. However, quite a few women who ended up being victimized by her do not think that this is the case. They characterize her as a truly evil-oriented individual that was incapable of feeling remorse and was actually happy when coercing women and forcing them into a path that forever traumatized them and altered their lives.

We are no experts to judge which scenario is true or if both are actually true and this is simply a case of a person changing and regretting a dark past, but we could identify one main point and that concerns fame. There are many people out there who have earned their way to fame because of their talent and hard work, and that on its own is undoubtedly remarkable and something to potentially look up to. At the same time, though, it is necessary to keep in mind that all that glitter is not gold and that sometimes, something that is intensely shining, can easily blind us, preventing us from seeing what lies underneath.

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