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Αρχική English Edition Five Netflix Series to Binge-Watch

Five Netflix Series to Binge-Watch

By Marilena Kagkaraki,

Netflix has really been a comfort to a lot of people lately and it is not without a reason. There are some good series that may be worth your while and help you learn, think and mostly enjoy the time spent on watching them. So, here are five suggestions on what series you can start binge-watching next:

Brooklyn 9-9

Officer Jake Peralta and his crew at the Brooklyn 9-9 Precinct of the New York Police Department are always up for tackling the challenges of the job. We are looking into how the crew manages their every day-to-day tasks and cases they have. Andy Samberg is great in the role which earned him a Golden Globe Award. A classic American sitcom with a light breezy atmosphere and funny well-rounded characters. It is very easy to watch and definitely something for times you just want to relax.

The Last Kingdom

In the times where kingdoms were thriving and countries still fought for land, a story unfolds. Uhtred Ragnarsson is a Saxon-born in the kingdom of Wessex in England, but was raised by Danes after they attacked his homeland. Now, while Danes and Saxons fight for territorial supremacy in England, he has to make choices as he is the best soldier in these lands. Through his story we watch the battles as they unfold, we witness the power games and gain an understanding of the hierarchy between kings and peoples. The series covers the historical background of the times with a focus on the main character and his story that has a lot of twists and a very intriguing plot. A good watch if you are into action and period focused shows.

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The Haunting of Hill House

A family moves into a big American countryside house. After a series of terrible events, they leave the house. Haunted by the memories, the past has a toll on the dad and the kids in the present. The story is an homage to the psychic of the characters and what terrible memories and traumas they can cause. It is an insight to the psychology of the characters. The acting performances are very real, the plot is intriguing with a twist and the cinematic elements are stunning. A must-watch if the horror genre is of interest to you.


This series is based on the Swedish novel “Störst av allt” by Malin Persson Giolito. Maja, a student is being questioned by police after a school shooting. The story starts abruptly but quickly unfolds as they question Maja. She starts remembering what happened and how things are connected with a boy she is in love with. Some moral questions, a mystery and a love story are involved. If you like foreign series and mysteries, this definitely must go on your list.

Bojack Horseman

An adult animation with a lot of humour, but realness as well. Bojack, a fallen Hollywood star, is trying to sort out his life and see what the next steps of his career would be as an outgrown star. Dealing with addictions, lost relationships and ethical dilemmas, Bojack is trying to find his way back. A story that makes you understand and feel the character and what he is going through in depth, despite some bad decisions and actions. It is a series to watch, if you want to experience a lot of emotions and start asking yourself even questions about your life and mindset.



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