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Places in the UK you must visit, except for London

By Evridiki Fatolia,

I know that the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the United Kingdom is London. Of course, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and there is a large variety of cultural activities to choose from while there. However, the United Kingdom is more than just London;  here are some recommendations from my personal experience:

1. Bath

Bath is only two and a half hours from London by train and there are many trains with flexible schedules you can take. You cant miss visiting the Roman baths and Bath Abbey and walking around in the beautiful streets! It is a great place to take “instagrammable” pictures and enjoy a day trip.

2. Cambridge

Of course Cambridge can’t be missed. The city is mostly famous because of the university that is located there. The city is a great choice for a day trip, not far from London. It is easy to wander around, take pictures and enjoy food from a great variety of restaurants and coffee shops at the area.

Image Rights: Gail Johnson/ Credits: Dreamstime.com

3. Cardiff

Next stop is Cardiff, the capital of Wales. First of all, I know that the journey to get there is a bit longer but trust me, the whole vibe is going to pay you back. It is like you are in a completely different country but, at the same time, there is a strange familiarity to it. It is really interesting to walk around and hear the local dialect. The locals are really kind and there are a lot of options for the traditional dish of fish and chips. It is ideal to take a long walk on the seafront, especially when the weather is nice.

4. Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters is the best place I have personally seen in the UK and it has some of the most beautiful views I have ever encountered. Photos are too poor to describe the breathtaking nature and the feeling of liberty you feel there. Although there are not a lot of places to eat or drink in Seven Sisters, the public transportation is very timely and you can reach the place easily, as well as move to the city centre conveniently. Be careful though, because if you are not lucky, the weather conditions might be rough (I was there during a storm), but it’s worth it!

5. Manchester

Last but not least, Manchester. I know that you normally need more than a few hours to explore the whole city, but I think that it deserves a visit. Street photography is at its finest in this city and it is very walkable. There are a lot of museums, halls, shopping centres and plenty of restaurants and cafés you can choose from. It is the best place to embrace your street photography skills. 


Evridiki Fatolia
Evridiki Fatolia
She was born in 2000. She graduated from the Law School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 2022 and is currently pursuing her LLM at the University of Reading in the field of International Commercial Law combined with Intellectual Property and Management. She speaks English and Italian and is also learning Chinese, German, and Russian. Her hobbies are photography and hiking.