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How to pick an escape room

By Sophia Machaira,

The changing weather, as summer is coming to an end, constrains us from doing outdoor activities. The appeal of cinema and bowling can begin to wear thin. It is time for new innovative hobbies to do with friends and family. How about… Escape rooms? What are they? Rooms in which you are locked in to play a game solving a series of puzzles within a certain timeframe to accomplish a goal. Additionally, escape rooms come in a variety of forms, open for all ages to enjoy. However, picking one can be quite a hassle. So, let’s break it down: 

First things first, the number of players. There are escape rooms designed for big and small groups, depending on the size of the place, the puzzles, and the equipment available. It may vary from one to more than ten people. The recommended number is usually displayed in the description. Despite this fact, it’s highly suggested to check out the reviews instead. A room may be able to fit up to six people, but the experience wouldn’t be what you’re seeking. To avoid having people left out or stand idly, comments are your best friend! 

Secondly, one essential factor would be the type of escape room you’re looking for. A passive experience, like virtual reality, something accessible to people with disabilities, or with specific requirements, such as running, or role playing could be some of the various alternatives you may have. Do note that there are rooms not suited for the faint of heart, those with epilepsy claustrophobia or a fear of heights. Make sure that it is available in your language as well. 

Thirdly, choosing a suitable genre is more than obvious. The topics differ and consider kid-friendliness, the storyline, and the existence or lack thereof of actors. Specifically, popular genres include horror, psychological thriller, science fiction, mystery, action, and comedy. The plot is found once more in the room’s description and is narrated before and during the game. The more intriguing you consider the theme, the more immersed you will be. 

Image source: unsplash.com / Image Credit: Jon Moore

Next and quite crucial remains the difficulty. There are two ways the riddles can be presented to you. Either solving every clue used regarding the current riddle leads to the next one, linearly, or each clue can fit into a different puzzle and thus, could be answered simultaneously. Furthermore, the non-linear option is avoided by beginners due to its potential confusion. As far as those who are unfamiliar with the equipment provided, the game masters can demonstrate and thoroughly explain the instructions to them during the pregame. These include the different types of locks used, what should and should not be touched, and so on. 

Another major factor would be the price. How much is each player willing to spend? The cost ranges from as little as ten euros to over twenty. Luckily, there may be a discount depending on the size of the group, as well as the ages (kids and students offer). To ensure a high-quality experience focus on the best-rated companies. 

Let’s not omit the time and place. Bear in mind escape rooms need to be reserved beforehand. In most cases, they have online forms and telephone numbers to call. As a result, the sooner you plan it, the better. The duration varies from one to two hours. It is also usually required to inform the company of your attendance a few hours before, in case of any shortcomings. When prepayment is requested, it often means that last-minute cancellation does not allow you to have a refund. Hence, it would be a good idea to check the terms and conditions before booking. 

To sum up, since the plan has been dissected into smaller, manageable steps, it becomes much easier to make the proper arrangement with your group. After sharing your thoughts on each filter, the search will appear surprisingly straightforward before your eyes. Well, what are you waiting for? A thrilling adventure awaits! 

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Sophia Machaira
Sophia Machaira
Born and raised in Athens in 2002, studies at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, department of Informatics and Telecommunications. Adores writing free-verse poetry, fluent in English and hopes to work in web design.