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Changing our perspective on travel

By Carmen Chang,

Even if you live in a dynamic city and have an exciting job and an active social life, nothing can replace unique travel experiences. Visiting a foreign country opens your eyes to life in the rest of the world, so many return home with a new appreciation of their own country while gaining a broader view of the world in the process. Remember, you only live once, so to miss a chance to travel is to miss a life-changing experience.

The French writer Marcel Proust (1871-1922) affirmed «The true journey of discovery is not to seek new landscapes but to see with new eyes». This statement is shared by American novelist and essayist Henry Miller (1891-1980), who argued that «Our travel destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things».In this sense, the best way to accumulate experiences is to travel; it can change our view on an infinity of things. Much research converges to list some of the positive effects of the trip.

Travelling is known to offer people a whole new perspective, whether it’s forcing us out of routine and encouraging change in our way of thinking, our worldview, or simply our habits that are embedded in our custom behaviours. Those who have left their comfort zone and are heading to a foreign land have done the right thing; there is nothing like a journey to make you a new person.

Travel takes us to new and often unknown places. This allows us to leave room for surprises and the unexpected. Sometimes by leaving our comfort zone, but thus allowing us to live the journey in the form of an adventure while offering us unique emotions. Not only does travel provide a sense of adventure, but even better, you will become grateful for other cultures; instead of instinctively criticizing what is «different», you will be motivated to try new gastronomies and choose different ways of entertaining.

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Even for those of you who are not culturally open-minded, travelling is an attractive form of escape. The allure of activities that you cannot enjoy in your hometown alone makes the trip worthwhile. Experiences can range from legendary to relaxing, but they share a common bond: they are all memorable.

In a world where being bilingual or even trilingual can be beneficial in the office and in everyday life, traveling may be your gateway to success. Want to get more business trips in the future? Plan a trip and learn a language abroad; you will get a solid education and leave with good memories.

Globalization and changing perspectives have spread through society. Openness is one of the most sought-after traits among citizens. It is essential to have the ability to listen to other ideas and opinions, to question ourselves, and to be able to change our world view. You need to be willing to learn new things, seek out other perspectives, innovate, and be flexible and able to adapt to new environments. For example, universities have developed various programs so that students can have an international experience because it is important to be open to the world and ready for new experiences.

It is that a journey frees us from many prejudices, especially if we visit a place where we must immerse ourselves in a culture different from that of our origin, which will be contrasted with our usual reality. We will understand that no culture is more or less, better or worse… it is simply different.

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Carmen Chang
Carmen Chang
Passionate about education and teaching, she was able to acquire skills through her experiences in many countries of diverse cultures. Teaching assistant at CentraleSupélec, Paris Saclay University, France. She is a Peruvian woman who always wanted to be teacher. Over the course of her life, she has discovered different cultures and has become passionate about several languages. She speaks and writes fluently Spanish, English and French. In parallel she has a project to launch a Spanish blog for teachers in which she will discuss the design of training programs, learning management, curriculum development and facilitation in training.