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ΑρχικήEnglish EditionInequality: People Start to Realize their Major Enemy

Inequality: People Start to Realize their Major Enemy

By Sophia Mavrou, 

If there is one thing that is for granted in this world is inequality. The matter of death is irrelevant for many.  Perhaps you are thinking that equality is more than irrelevant for numerous people as well. Βut, at least, it’s a more “manageable” concept. No matter where you live, no matter when you live, no matter if it is you, inequality has somehow made its appearance. Death has one and only destination. Inequality blinds your eyes and leaves you wandering in a labyrinth.

It is no surprise that our world’s deepest pockets hold an extremely disproportionate share of global wealth. It is no surprise that the disparities between the rich and the poor grow bigger and bigger. It is no surprise that the level of unemployment is approaching its zenith. It is no surprise that child labor is so advanced. It is no surprise that the exploitation of people has become part of our life. It is kind of annoying to know that billions of dollars are spent on bags, cars, and exploration of space while there are people that are dying on this planet due to undernourishment, war, weather conditions, etc. And I am writing all these from my heated room and with my stomach full. And it becomes even more annoying.

According to inequality.org, 10 men in this world own fortunes equal to many countries’ total wealth. “The globe is home to 2,755 billionaires, according to the 2021 Forbes ranking.” Most of them are citizens of the United States. Most governments pay crowds lip service to soften them up. The crowds were naïve enough to trust them. Yet, the situation was anything else but softened. And now the crowds are adopting a more questioning attitude. And the time has arrived for governors to give answers.

Universal associations protesting for the tragedy at TEMPI. Photo credits: Kostas Tzoumas | Image source: dw.com

In our country, Greece, things start to subvert. The saying “Things have to fall apart in order to better things fall together” is embodied in Greek reality. Due to an accident that cost the lives of nearly 60 people, Greeks are awakened. Thousands of people have participated in protests, claiming what they deserve; justice and equality. Consistent with the capitalistic mindset, the Greek government is not the exception of the rule. Funds meant to be spent on transportation are missing, the accountables for the tragedy are missing, rational explanations are missing…

The only thing to be found is anger and frustration.

In France, millions of people are protesting against their president, Emmanuel Macron, who, without offering any voting option in the parliament, extended the age of retirement from 62 to 64. Based on the constitutional article 49.3, the French government is entitled to avoid a vote in the National Assembly. Again, few people think and act at the cost of others, and on top of that, they are allowed to do so with the blessings of the law.

Protest against the pension reform in France. © AFP – Firas Abdullah. Image source: radiofrance.fr

In Portugal, thousands of protesters filled the streets of the Portuguese capital demanding higher wages given that their current wages along with the extreme inflation has rendered everyday life, too challenging for Portuguese people. The minimum wage in Portugal, according to Eurostat data, is 681 euros while Portuguese inflation in February, compared to the previous months, was soared by 22.11% in basic goods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Photo credits: CGTP Intersindical. Image source: marxist.com

If one article was able to make the world equal, I would write tons of them. But this is far from reality. Reality points out a more challenging and difficult solution, a solution that will cost much more than what people are willing to pay. I would describe the current phase as ‘the encounter with the bill’. Humanity is shocked and claims that she has not spent that much. She makes a scene and reacts and shouts. Yet, facts say otherwise and she cannot but pay the price. The good news is that reality promises a change and it is closer than what we think.

  • Global Wealth Inequality. inequality.org. Available here 



Sophia Mavrou
Sophia Mavrou
She was born in Thessaloniki in 2003 and she is an undergraduate student of English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her passions are fashion and interior design. She prefers a period movie over everything else. She is fond of learning new things and she imagines herself living among a field of children and dogs by the age of 40.