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Drama International Short Film Festival: How it came to be and what is planned for this year

By Maria Gkika,

One of autumn’s cultural events highlights is once again ready to impress. The 45th Drama Short Film Festal, or DSFF, is scheduled for 5-11 of September 2022, as usual in the city of Drama, and promises a renewed visual identity along with a rich program with various events, such as panel discussions, the well-known Pitching Lab and the Cinema-therapy program, and masterclasses at both physical locations, as well as online. In light of this joyous occasion, a trip to the history lane of this widely recognized world event is more than fitting.

Drama Short Film Festival was first held in 1978, on the initiative of the Drama Film Club. Its purpose is to spread the love for cinema, especially for the short film genre, to introduce new filmmaking talents in their first steps, and to encourage the creation of short films as an autonomous category for creators of all ages. Initially, only Greek productions participated, but as the festival grew, new entries from abroad provided a safe and multicultural environment for sharing ideas, collaborating, and making new friends. From the very beginning, this initiative got an enthusiastic response from filmmakers, as well as the public.

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A few years later, the festival was adopted by the Municipality of Drama and then, in the mid-eighties, by the Greek State. In 1995, the festival became international and gained much recognition and is now considered one of the most important film festivals in Europe. Within the framework of the festival, screenings of Greek and foreign short films, film specials, seminars, lectures, debates, exhibitions, musical concerts, and theatrical performances are organized throughout the year in Drama, Greece, and abroad for the encouragement and development of the short film.

Its journey over the years has shown that the Drama Festival has established itself not only in the cinematographic field but also in the public’s consciousness as a place for the promotion and production of culture. This is evidenced not only by the ever-increasing applications for participation but also by the ever-increasing number of audiences watching the screenings. In fact, more than ten thousand viewers watch the screenings every year, while this year a new participation record was set, as a total of 285 films were submitted!

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This year, a move to honor gender equality has been made, as 15 of the national program entries are created by women and the program varies both in thematic (LGBTQIAP+ community, pandemic, loss, delinquency, etc.) and in aesthetic trends. For those who cannot attend the 45th DSFF event in Drama, there is also the opportunity to visit the Greek Film Archive in Athens, where the DISFF National Competition program will be presented in its entirety on September 15th-18th. Also, the festival’s online platform is already open (available for registering here). Through this link, viewers can purchase the basic package at a price of 5 euros, which will allow them to enjoy all the content of the festival. The awarded films will be available starting 9/5 until 9/15 at noon. 

To sum up, the DISFF is in its essence a celebration of short film and its lovers, filmmakers, and audience alike. People from around the world are united in their passion for cinema no matter their origin and it is in events like this where one can understand the value and the power of art. If you are a film enthusiast or someone curious about the Seventh Art, this is your chance for a great experience, so do not miss it!

  • Το 45ο Διεθνές Φεστιβάλ Ταινιών Μικρού Μήκους Δράμας είναι γεγονός!, culturenow.gr, Available here
  • DISFF, dramafilmfestival.gr, Available here



Maria Gkika
Maria Gkika
She has studied Ancient Greek, Literature and Linguistics at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as Paul Valery Montpellier III, where she completed her master’s degree. For her, learning never ceases, and she plans to study more in the future. She enjoys cinema, theatre, and singing, as well as loves travelling. Professionally, she has experience in copywriting, digital marketing, and teaching.