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What is the law of attraction? Will the universe give you what you want?

By Polina Pallieraki,

The law of attraction utters: “When you desire something with all your heart, then it comes to you effortlessly”. In fact, it is like what you wish to come to you because most of the time it is through your own movements, that will come. Simply because these movements will be without a sense of effort and struggle, because they will be effortless and often not conscious, it will practically seem like what you wish to come to you. 

However, it is not at all excluded that something good will come to you literally, in the sense that it is enough sometimes not to prevent it, not to sabotage it (as we sometimes do without realizing it) and this will come to you.

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The law of attraction needs some conditions to work:

1) Know and determine exactly what it is that you want

It is not enough to say “I want a partner in my life”, but to define in detail the mental and physical characteristics that you wish him to have as well as how you want your relationship to be. It is not enough to say “I want to make extra money”, you need to specify how much money you want, how long, how many hours of work on your part, etc.

2) Keep in mind often what you want and not what you do not want

Usually, when we desire something, we focus our attention on the situation we are in now that we do not want and not on the point we want to reach. This produces a negative emotional state that does not attract good but bad things towards us. For example, we have in mind that we are alone and not how we would be if we had a fitting partner. We think about our debts, our poverty, and the goods we lack, not how we would be if we had more money. So, it helps a lot to often keep in mind the situation we want to reach, to often imagine that we are already experiencing it, and at the same time to feel the emotions caused by this fantasy.

3) To get out of your reasons why you are probably afraid of what you want

Many times we want something, but we are already afraid of it. This fear must be eliminated in order for the law of attraction to work. For example, you might want a man who is the perfect match for you. But at the same time – subconsciously usually — it is possible that you are afraid to find him because in this case, you will be in love with him, you will bond with him and if he ever leaves you, you will be deeply hurt. If you are afraid of something you want, you will unwittingly sabotage yourself from acquiring it.

4) Be confident that you can get and deserve what you want

If you have doubts about yourself that you are worth it and that you can get what you want, chances are you will not even try or try “half-heartedly” to get it or do it with a sense of great effort and struggle. In fact, all the sense of effort and struggle in the life of man in the pursuit of his desires is due to the fact that he has doubts about himself about whether he is worth it and whether he can fulfill them.

5) Express your gratitude for what you already have instead of complaining about what you lack, pay attention to your supplies, instead of the obstacles that stand in your way

If you complain about the little you lack, instead of thanking yourself for the many important things you have (e.g. health, physical integrity, basic material goods, friends, etc.) your miserable mental state not only does not attract but repels the good from you.

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Last but not least, if you focus your attention on the obstacles, instead of the supplies you have, you will be disheartened and you will not even have or will be lukewarm to do whatever it takes for what you want. You cannot escape from the universal law of attraction because you are part of the universe. But you can use it to your advantage to find your balance. Sometimes we are attracted to behaviors and situations that disturb our balance. On an emotional level, on a nutritional level, or at the level of relationships. But attraction always has to do with the weight you give to things.

Keeping this idea in mind, I invite and encourage you to observe this week what attracts you to him and what you get as a result. Especially in the event that you are attracting something that ultimately takes you out of balance, reconsider what weight you give it and whether you need to shift the weight to something else. Also, meditate in relation to a goal that you currently have or for something that you wish to bring to you but have not yet conquered. Do you give your goal the weight it needs in order to create traction for what you want? If not, that’s what you need 100% to do and it is my suggestion to you.

This idea can be realized through the practice of yoga, as long as it will help us on both a physical and mental level. Sometimes to maintain our balance we need to put more force at the base of our footing and other times you need to respect your limits and maybe use support. We can, therefore, study the different ways in which the “balanced action” is achieved in order to get a good, desired result each time. To finally have a “balanced give and take”.

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Polina Pallieraki
She was born in Athens and she is a student of Philosophy at National Kapodistrian University of Athens (NKUA). She speaks English, French and Spanish and she plays the guitar as a hobby. She is very interested in books and journalism especially in social and cultural issues, because she can externalize her thoughts and opinion. She is passionate about whatever she does and she is trying to do her best in every role she undertakes.