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Let us taste Athens Spring Street Food Festival 2022’s flavors!

By Myrto Katsouli,

Let us get ready to set the table, because Athens Street Food Festival is back, and ready to welcome the trendiest restaurants and food chains of Athens. Fancy burgers, juicy tacos, fluffy waffles, and delicate sushi await us to try them all, throughout all May. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday of May (May 6-8, May 13-15, May 20-22, and May 27-29, as an extra weekend), the festival opens its gates and starts grilling the goodies for a mouthwatering experience.

Finally, after two years of lockdown, we get to taste again a postponed, yet much anticipated annual event. We can now relive an amazing expo for all the food-lovers, and the people who are keen on filling their tastebuds with new flavors. The event takes place once again in Amaksostasio Osy-Gkazi and offers an over-the-top experience; food stands and kitchens are spread all over the area, and food is cooked in front of the visitors.

Of course, there are plenty of tables and branches to let people sit down and enjoy the tasting. Greek street food, such as souvlaki, kebab, loukoumades, or baklava, is rare in this festival, just because the goal is to promote, advertise, and diffuse ethnic cuisines that are not as well known or preferred by the public. For sure, small, big, new and old businesses have the opportunity to share their products and astonish people with their exceptional menu items.

Image source: gazzetta.gr

Initiatives as such are a foreign practice, new to the Greek audience; however, they are very similar to bazaars, or common local commerce that happen all over the country. Many festivals and expos happen, especially during summertime, but the ASFF stands out due to its playful spirit. Visitors will have the chance to grab a bite and sit down in a carefree mood, easily, without the formalities of a proper restaurant, which has, of course, its own beauty but it offers a different way of entertainment.

This festival is also very popular among youngsters; the food is tasty and close to their food-explorative mode, the choices are plenty, and everything is easily affordable. A tasting test all over is a must, should you take the risk to let yourself go on an amazing and fun trip in the city’s center. Personally, I have only been to a festival as such, only in Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital, where permanent food and liquor stands were selling warm, traditional and local food, and were lifting the spirit of the cold weather.

After all this time of enclosure, due to the strict measures the pandemic imposed, it is time we did an extraordinary activity. That is because, returning to our old habits does not necessarily mean partying hard, or going to the fanciest places, but also sharing quality time with our friends and family and enjoying each other’s company, without any restriction. Festivals and social gatherings, in general, are a great alternative and a very vivid experience, in order to unwind and to fill both our stomachs and our hearts with love.

Image source: monopoli.gr

So, do not hesitate to bring yourself and your favorite person to the Athens Spring Street Food Festival; it is the greatest of chances to do something unexpected, well-played, and flavorful.

  • Athens Street Food Festival’s official website, athensstreetfoodfestival.gr, Available here


Myrto Katsouli
Myrto Katsouli
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