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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: 4 + 1 Gift Recommendations

By Angeliki Georgakopoulou,

Whether you are shopping for a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or even yourself, it is inevitable — especially at this time of year — to feel the overwhelming pressure of “searching for the perfect holiday gift”. Lost amongst the fast and exhausting pace of life, it seems rather difficult to devote some time to find a suitable and thoughtful present for the people that matter most. Nonetheless, this simple holiday gift guide is guaranteed to save you and help you grant unforgettable memories and long-lasting smiles to those you love. Do not forget to read until the end of this article to discover the extra recommendation.

1) For those who prefer staying in

Who does love staying in, tucked into their cozy blanket, with their hot drink in one hand, and remote control in the other, whilst the cold wind outside rustles through the winter streets?

If this seems to describe your type of person exactly, then a Netflix subscription is your best option for a holiday present. The range of movies, series, and shows offered by Netflix, ensures that everyone’s tastes are satisfied with the most recent and popular options, and is a guaranteed favorite gift for our favorite binge-watchers and film enthusiasts!

Image source: https://gr.pinterest.com/pin/502784745880342324/

2) For those who prefer going out

The holiday season is the perfect time to catch up on winter activities and events in town. Is there a concert or movie that this person has been dying to go to? Maybe ice skating seems like a good option. Whatever this person is into, you can always purchase some tickets and treat them to their favorite activity. Even better, you can spend that time with them! Either way, this idea is guaranteed to make your person (of any age) smile and feel appreciated.

Natural History Museum, open from October 22 until January 16, 2022. Image source: https://secretldn.com/ice-rinks-skating-london/

3) For hard workers

Do you know someone who is very productive? Maybe they have an office job, or they are currently studying at school or university. Irrespective of their profession or age, desk supplies, and stationery essentials are always a must. From calendars to advent planners, to candles, to mugs and water bottles, to backpacks, to tech gadgets depending on one’s budget, there is a lot of options bound to make the life of a hard worker much easier. Listed below are three of my personal favorite items:

  • Personalized Diary/Agenda (€10 – €20) here
  • Laptop Sleeve (€10 – €30) here
  • Portable Coffee Cup (€3 – €15) here

Image source: https://www.pinterest.ie/pin/42080577756454619/

4) For everyone

Is there someone in your life that you want to treat? Then this gift is the one for you. Gift Boxes are a great way of showing someone how much you care about them. From dessert boxes or doughnut bouquets to hamper boxes, you can choose the right one for the specific recipient. These gifts give you much flexibility for personalization and price range, making them the perfect option for you.

Image source: https://www.timeout.com/bangkok/festive-hampers-2021

5) For yourself

Last but definitely not least, the holiday season is perfect for contributing to acts of charity, to bring joy both to yourself and to others. If philanthropy has been on your mind, this time of year gives you a great chance to materialize your desire. Whether you would like to contribute to a specific cause or know people and families in need, it is an opportunity to help the less fortunate and make their holidays a bit more enjoyable and comfortable. Some charity options are the following:

  • SOS Children’s Villages: Official website here

Image source: https://www.infokids.gr/theseis-ergasias-mipos-thelete-na-ginet/

  • ANIMA: Official website here

Image source: https://www.elix.org.gr/press-announcements/dt-announcements-gr/eliks-anima-nea-sunergasia

  • LifeLine Hellas: Official website here

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/GrammiZoisSilverAlertHellas/photos/a.538233146194325/1192586897425610

By following the above gift guide, your success at making the right gift choice for your loved ones these holidays is a guarantee! Above all else though, do not forget to prioritize memories, smiles, and safety this festive season. Share laughter, hugs, and presents, remembering to cherish the things that unite and not divide us. So go ahead and get your loved ones a gift — it is never too late to make someone happy!

May you have a happy and blessed New Year!

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Angeliki Georgakopoulou
Born in 2002, she is currently a Law student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Having completed her secondary education in Australia, she is fluent in both the Greek and English Language. She has also participated in a work experience program at the SBS Radio Station (Greek Language), whereby she was able to cultivate her interest in journalism. In addition, she won a Writing Competition in 2016, as well as numerous academic awards in Australia. Finally, apart from writing, she is also interested in traditional Greek dancing and in her free time, she enjoys watching movies and listening to music.