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ΑρχικήEnglish EditionLet’s amp up our university experience!

Let’s amp up our university experience!

By Myrto Katsouli,

Upon entering the university world, a new chart of never-ending opportunities lies ahead towards our new destination. That’s because the university, apart from being an almost mandatory transmissive period from childhood to adulthood (or even to the real world), can also become the beginning of an amazing, yet turbulent self-discovery.

It is, therefore, true that a fresh start to a different, and firstly-ever-seen, environment can be a good source of inspiration. Meeting new people, going out more, and taking matters into our own hands definitely makes us more responsible upon choosing our personal coveted path. As far as the Greek university system is concerned, students are given the choice of whether to attend their classes or fill their time differently. Of course, provided that they do not miss their few obligatory courses or any other better chance at learning and educating themselves.

So, what a student can really do, live, or experience? Which are the opportunities that lay ahead of us? How well can we take advantage of our most carefree youth years?

Many students may combine studying with working part or full-time, thus giving them the opportunity to be earlier in touch with the demanding work environment and, as a result, they are off to a head start to face the high demands of a steady job later on. An occupation, as such, can also be helpful financially since students need, and want their independence, especially those whose families cannot support them adequately. No matter the case, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

ERASMUS students in Poland. Credits to: Erasmus Network. Image source: https://dub.uu.nl/nl/nieuws/veel-erasmus-studenten-nog-steeds-op-uitwisseling-maar-dan-thuis

Moreover, the manageable university hours make it easier for students to start up a new and interesting activity. Students are always able to learn a musical instrument, for example, or take up the language they have ever wanted to know or even join a sports team to play their favorite sport. Of course, playing our cards right, time management, and prioritization of the daily tasks is the key to achieving any possible dream.

According to many other students, myself included, the university offers unlimited choices and motivations for self-development and excellence. Taking part in debate clubs, writing teams, or even volunteer organizations of any kind, not only fills our daily schedule but also creates the image of an overall responsible, effective, and willing person. It is helpful for our own improvement as well since such activities broaden our knowledge towards different social, political, and economic, for instance, topics and, therefore, we gain a better overview of our surroundings.

Last but not least, being a young adult is the perfect period to join an international program. Joining an ERASMUS program, or traveling abroad, offers priceless memories and skills and, most importantly, is one of the funniest and insightful experiences.

Hence, being intrigued to participate in different projects keeps our mind and spirit activated. We get to socialize more, feel energetic and productive, and we don’t get bored easily. Of course, combining many activities at the same time can be a bit challenging, all the more so when university courses are still running. Never, though, should we miss any chance to try something new or out of our comfort zone, because we may come across many irreplaceable and forever memorable opportunities. We are at the experimental age of doing as many things as possible, whilst having all the time in the world to try, fail, and try all over again, without any serious consequences. We just have to be optimistic, follow our dreams, and never stop chasing our short or long-term goals.

Opting not to stay on our laurels during our academic years is the only road to self-balance in order to create a well-rounded, nurtured, and educated character, capable of facing anything. Let’s make it real, everybody!



Myrto Katsouli
Myrto Katsouli
Myrto Katsouli, born in 2001, studies Law at NKUA. She’s an aspiring writer-to be and she speaks fluently English and French. She was a judo national champion, but now she has focused more on her studies. She likes traveling, writing and going out in her spare time.