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Education: An outmoded tool of success

By Ilias Siakaras,

First of all, when it comes to defining such complicated terms, a largely acceptable definition of “success” could be having a balanced life and financial freedom to achieve our goals. Back to our topic, the word “education” refers to the transmission of knowledge from one individual to another. It is learning to achieve a deeper knowledge and understanding of a variety of subjects in a school setting that is applied in our everyday life. It is not limited to just knowledge from books but can also be achieved through practical experiences besides school learning. While we try to go back in time and analyze this word, it is derived from the Latin word “educate”, which means “to train or mold”, or “educere”, which means “to lead out”. There are many different definitions and understandings of what education is, but one thing can generally be agreed upon, which is the importance of education.

From a financial viewpoint, a society that is educated contributes to boosting the economic growth or stability in a nation. There is an urgent need for continuous learning and making research to constantly stay innovative, creative, etc. A country with a higher literacy rate can also tend to be better in economic situations and even more educated population, more employment opportunities are opened. Also, we cannot omit the fact that education is a prerequisite of innovation, a key for economic development; to elaborate, a vital part of innovation is a comprehensive knowledge and the try to learn daily as much as possible, a practice that philosophers of the ancient world used to do.

Education allows us to analyze what is in front of us, and even learn from our mistakes. It helps us have the logic to set our mind to something and have a zeal to achieve it; at the same time, an educated nation knows the importance of voting, doing so with the knowledge of what is right and not voting blindly, a practice that could have a negative impact. For instance, in France, a lot of people voted the radical right because they did not have received the proper education regarding which is their political doctrine. The following image encapsulates the process of change that we have to do.

Image source: https://medium.com/accelerate-innovation/dont-leave-change-to-chance-success-depends-on-ongoing-learning-d945da2bb86

Noteworthy is the fact that proposed that the relationship between education and health is attributable to three general classes of mediators: economic, social, psychological, and interpersonal; and behavioral health (the latter involves the impact that your behavior has on both your mental well-being and physical health). Economic variables, such as income and occupation, mediate the relationship between education and health by controlling and determining access to acute and preventive medical care.

To sum it all up, we need to invest more in education not only with money but with our precious free time while changing our mindset from a poor to a wealthy-educated one. At the same time, it is everybody’s moral duty to spread the idea that education must be limited neither in school nor in the workplace, but we have to adapt it to enhance the quality of life as long as education applies to everything in life.

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Ilias Siakaras
He was born in Athens in 1998 but grew in the island of Kos, where he lives permanently. He has a degree from the Department of Philosophy from the University of Crete, with a specialty in theory-methodology of social sciences. He speaks English fluently and possesses adequate knowledge of IT studies (ECDL, Access). His interests vary from sports to reading books and social interactions. He loves travelling, as well as meeting new people, because it helps him view the world from many different perspectives.