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Reasons why everyone should go to Therapy

By Nina Chatzistergiou, 

Therapy is one of the best treatments one can have for major emotional challenges but most of the time many people perceive going to a therapist as an offence because one may feel not being ill, physically or mentally, at the moment.

It is presumed that when one chooses to see a doctor monthly for optimal wellness or because of physical pains, nobody passes silent judgement, but emotional problems that people are faced with on a daily basis, are often neglected and termed as being weak.

  • Develop new coping mechanisms:

Humans are very likely to cultivate certain habits from childhood, learning to use various methods in order to cope with challenges they may encounter even before they reach an adolescent stage. One method one may develop at early stages in life is the use of drugs to help with sleeping issues or the consumption of particular foods to help in coping with daily stress. These cases can be modified with therapy. While one may have a problem with a negative type of coping, visiting a therapist can assist to analyse why certain strategies were adopted and to enquire whether they are effective or if they worsen the stress. Seeing a therapist can help reverse hard-formed habits and assist in building new productive ones.

  • Help you understand your mind: 

The mind is a fascinating thing, and ultimately impacts your entire experience with the world around you through the outlook you cultivate. This is why it is so beneficial, even if you are not going through something traumatic, to see someone who has been trained to understand the human mind, and considering that everyone of us will go through some stress at a point in time. The more informed you are about how you intake and handle stress, the better you get at coping with it.

  • Provide space to self-development:

There have been significant studies indicating that allowing susceptibility is essential for a happier, self-fulfilling and more connected life. A reason why everyone should seek therapy is because it helps in pushing one outside of a normal and usual comfortable environment. The thought of expressing your fears, thoughts, and needs to a third person, a stranger, may sound overwhelming, but it can provide room for improvement and self-awareness. The link between more happy individuals and those that are not is the ability to take a calculated risk.

Image source: Polina Zimmerman, pexels.com

  • Help dismantle the stress you might not even realize you have:

People go through big life changes and can often experience multiple stressors at once. A change in career: you learn to cooperate with new people in a new environment, to juggle a potentially different financial situation and maybe even a new city. Minds have the ability to compound problems into one big nameless issue that can often be hard to dismantle overtime. Therapists are professionally trained to help you stand back from the stress, to start understanding different components of it. 

  • Provide an objective view of whatever you’re trying to work through:

Friends and family can mean well, but they are coming to the table with their own thoughts and opinions and it can be extremely hard not to be influenced by the advice they are giving you. A therapist is the person who is in a position to approach things neutrally and understand your thought process in order to provide you with advice that will truly serve you.

It is very important to bear in mind that seeing a therapist is never a sign of failure or something to be embarrassed about.

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Nina Chatzistergiou
Born and raised in Athens, she holds a degree of International and European Studies from the University of Piraeus. She is half Greek half Serbian and bilingual. I'm also fluent in English. She likes to be constantly learning new things and exploring how people can make every day count, all the while taking the guilt off the things that they really want in life. She is also intrigued by women's empowerment, as well as alternative ways people can approach situations affecting their mentality and their confidence, in a healthy way that makes their lives better.