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5 Books to Read

By Marilena Kagkaraki,

Reading books is wonderful for filling in our spare time, especially when we have to stay at home. Books are also a great way for us to either learn more about a subject that sparks our interest or ponder about life and human relationships. It’s no secret that when you read a good book, a new world unravels right in front of you.

The Road Less Travelled

When I tried to find something to read a while back, I was intrigued by the title of this book. I have always been keen on exploring paths in life that could be challenging or that not many people navigate. This book seemed perfect. And it is. M. Scott Peck, a psychotherapist, is unravelling parts of life in a way that most people are afraid to do. He is analysing, through his experience as a psychotherapist, subjects such as discipline, love and spirituality in a new light, contrary to popular beliefs on how these things work. It’s a great book if you are a thinker or if you need a new direction in order to understand life a little bit more.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

This is a story from Stephen Chbosky that most people can relate to and might have even experienced it during their teenage years. Charlie, a freshman in high school meets two new high school seniors friends, Patrick and Sam. They go through the school year together and they explore what would be to Charlie a new world of excitement, relationships and love. Despite the innocent ambience, the book presents some real issues and includes some quotes that will stick with you for life. It’s definitely one of the books that will entertain you, but will also get you to think a bit more.

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Looking for Alaska

John Green is a best-seller writer and this is one of his books that made the cut. Miles, a teenage boy is trying to make his life less boring and more exciting. This happens when he meets Alaska Young, a girl that has caught his interest from the first moment. They spend some time together, bonding, until she disappears, leaving clues behind for him to decipher. Our story begins with him setting off to an adventure towards “the great perhaps”. An intriguing mystery, mixed with nostalgia for young life and the need for exploration and discovery.

101 Essays That Will Change The Way You Think

This is not a literary book, but one that gives you food for thought. Brianna Wiest begins discussions that most of us often overlook, such as purpose and passion or ways to embrace negative thinking and become aware of how we affect our lives with our biases. Every time you finish one essay you are left thinking that it has indeed changed your life and you will definitely keep it in mind while moving forward. A great book, if you are interested in challenging your way of thinking.

Think of a Number

Τhis is the debut book by John Verdon, following a series of it a little later. The book follows a homicide detective in New York City, named Dave Gurney. What seems to be another case for the detective, ends up being an intriguing mystery with great depth. The story unfolds with multiple twists and keeps you on your toes until the very last page. It’s a must-read if you’re into mysteries with a good, deep plot and a gripping narrative.

Books can be a great company and everyone can be a reader if they find the genre of books that will win them over. So pick your book and be ready to lose yourself in an ocean of great stories, thoughts and ideas.



Marilena Kagkaraki
She studied English language and literature in Athens. She speaks English, German and French. She now is based in London, where she also studies media and communication. She loves art, content creation, writing and travelling. The world and its people are what makes her heart happy!