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The O.C.E.A.N. circulation of job applicants


By Veronika Sinou,

In a sea of job candidates with one being better than the other, it can be quite difficult to single out the best applicant for a job. Big companies, such as Apple, have mastered the interviewing process by selecting the best applicants. They are not only focusing on the skills listed on their resume, but also on personality traits that will promise the long-term results they want their applicants to deliver.

Today, it is frequent for an employer to use psychometric test methods. They consist of a series of rapid questions, some of them having been rephrased, aiding the companies to complete the integrated profile for their future employee’s personality. The results that usually come out of this personality test unveil how someone would handle a crisis or a bad costumer and how well-fitted a candidate is for the company’s agenda in general.

The O.C.E.A.N. acronym also known as the five-factor model (FFM) was developed in the 1980s and the model’s  popularity continues to this day, taking into consideration its sustained adaptation by the private sector. So, which are the secrets of the “high-potential” personality?

The first initial (O) represents the word “openness to experience”, which will translate to a candidate who is full of curiosity as well as creativity and more likely to be open-minded. The second one (C) is for the word conscientiousness, a trait that reflects a responsible, hard-working candidate with a tendency to be highly organised.

The (E) stands for extroversion (or its opposite, introversion) which measures the levels of a candidate’s sociability and energy. If found to be at a high level, a candidate will supposedly thrive in a busy and highly stimulating work environment. On the contrary, if a candidate is found to be more of an introvert, they can be regarded as an asset too, as these candidates will be more introspective, reserved and will excel at working alone.

The (A) is for agreeableness, a trait that signifies kindness, sympathy and affection. A highly agreeable candidate will effortlessly bring out sympathy and trust to the costumers. Lastly, Neuroticism (N) shows the candidate’s proclivity to be carried away by negative feelings such as anger, stress and anxiety. Good emotional stability is heavily demanding and important, especially considering supervising positions.

Would you be a good candidate?

You should be prepared for questions such as: “How would you solve this problem?”, “What was the most stressful situation you came across at your previous workplace?”, “What is your ideal workplace?”, “How do you keep yourself motivated?”. Although, personalities belong to a very complex sector in psychology, the five main personality traits  model seems to be a very efficient way to select an operative.

The O.C.E.A.N. traits can unlock motivations behind each person’s actions, help you learn more about your own personality and where you should focus your attention and energy.


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Veronika Sinou
Veronika Sinou
She was born in 1999 and was raised in Patras. She is an undergraduate student at the department of Political Science and International relations at the university of Peloponnese. She is the head of her department’s debate club and has participated in various UN simulations. She was, also, a previous track and field Panhellenic champion.