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Friends, just for now

By Amalia Theocharidou,

While the world seems to be sitting on the edge of its seat, awaiting for Kim Jong Un’s next move, finding a way to defend itself from a possible nuclear attack, the North Korean President seems to be very busy organizing his… bromance. The long awaited meeting of Kim Jong Un and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, this June, found the North Korean President wearing his widest smile and putting the entire region to “work” while waiting for his “comrade”.

With the whole nation on point, Pyongyang was soon transformed into a huge parade, with long red carpets around the presidential residencies, choirs, and people wearing t-shirts with the slogan “Welcome Putin”, designed with the use of the common national colors of the two entities’ flags. The welcoming ceremony, as well as the press conference between the two leaders, was broadcasted from public televisions throughout the entire capital. Pyongyang was also decorated with portraits of the Russian President, as well as welcoming messages. Despite the hours of delay on the part of Putin, Jong Un still managed to put on his widest and friendliest smile, welcoming his fellow counterpart and praising him thoroughly, during the entire process.

Image Rights: Gavriil Grigorov | Afp | Getty Images

Kim introduced Putin to the leading team of his government, on a spectacular celebration that puts the West to unease. But North Korea knows better than that. With the hopes of the Western states staying still, Kim Jong Un wants to establish a new trading agreement, in which the North Korean entity will provide artillery to the Russians in their actions against Ukraine, while Russia will respond to this offer by supplying Pyongyang with food, military technology, and fuel. As the two counterparts have been in the eye of the hurricane for a while, it’ll be an undeniable chance for both of them to escape by cooperating on their most important factors: technology, the military, and alimentation. Kim, who obviously holds the less advantages and is more in dire need of the support, seems obviously in a rush to accomplish the agreements and become a real threat to the opposition of his state, the West.

But there are things at stake also for Putin, setting the agreement with the dictator a priority. The backlash of Russia’s attacks to Ukraine have caused immense losses for the country’s income, in fields of the utmost importance; energy and commodity. Therefore, a partner with direct links to China (another rising economy that will play an important role in the international spectrum of the future, but of now as well) is very valuable, despite its state and rumors. Plus, North Korea is a fellow entity that has been very active on the military section, applying technology and willing to support Russia throughout its battles. This is why Putin decided to visit the state now, after 24 years, and also publicly thanked the policymakers for showing continuous support to the Russian actions and government. It is in the matter of politics to await for further escalations, but the West should definitely be sitting on the edge of its seat, watching closely these nuclear buddies.

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Amalia Theocharidou, Editor-in-Chief
Amalia Theocharidou, Editor-in-Chief
Born in 2003, she is an undergraduate student in the department of International and European relations in the university of Piraeus. She likes to travel and get to know new cultures and environments. She loved writing since she was young which is what inspired her to start publishing articles.