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ΑρχικήEnglish EditionA Valentine’s Day Text for the Lone Wolves on Unrequited Love

A Valentine’s Day Text for the Lone Wolves on Unrequited Love

By Socratis Santik Oglou,

Another Valentine’s Day came, and you were feeling the pressure to do something for this day months ago. Even if you were single, you would consider, from society’s pressure on you, to find someone just to celebrate and experience that day, because you see everyone (well, most of them) celebrate with their partner. And as bad as it may sound, it is an actuality, at least in my opinion. Or even if you do not like celebrating things, you still feel something inside, when that day comes. Although, in this “article”, we will not talk about the psychological effects that society has on us, neither will we talk about psychology, self-discovery, or even Valentine’s Day. The main core of this article consists of a short literary context that talks about being alone, and more specifically, the feeling of the unrequited love that all of us, at some point in our lives, experience.

Love is great. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone is worth being loved. Giving and receiving love is a blessing. Love can change our lives; it can change the whole world. Maybe it is the best feeling that somebody can feel. Everyone, most of the time, after a self-discovery journey, ends up at the conclusion that at the end of the day the things that matter the most are love and mental and physical health. There is one for everyone out there, they say. Once, Shakespeare said: “Love is blind”, and if you think about it while taking a look around, it is confirmed on a daily basis.

On the other hand, like all things in life, love may be a great feeling, but it has its bad side too. Being constantly under pressure, experiencing jealousy, feeling frustrated, and a lot more. But there is a type of love, the type of unrequited love, that some people, unfortunately, have to experience. I consider them like they are the victims of love, the cursed ones, that — unfortunately — have to be in this complicated situation. They are the ones that fell in love alone. They give love or even try to, but not get back not just love, but sometimes even attention.

And here comes that time that we say to ourselves: Why? Is it my fault? What have I done to experience this? What should I do? Did I fall for the wrong person?

The answer depends on various factors. Maybe you do not truly know how you are feeling, or you have not yet settled down. The way I see it, you probably fell for the wrong person; and two, at the same time, even if nothing happened, we all get to experience situations like this, because that is how life is meant to be and is “structured”. You might have fallen in love with the wrong person, and now you are in so much pain. But for real, do not worry, it is not exactly your fault. But it is probably Eros the Greek God of sexual attraction, son of Aphrodite, messing with you because he wants you to see and experience love from all angles, even the bad side of love, that melts your heart.

He wants you to get up and be stronger than before, to be more careful with your decisions, and keep an eye open. And if you catch what Eros wants to tell you, the next time that you will fall in love, it is not going to be the same. It is going to be real love. You are going to feel the romance that most of us dream of. You will be giving and receiving love from your lover.

Do not worry, everything is going to get better…

The miracle of true love may be lacking in our lives, but that does not mean that we have to stop waiting for it to happen. And, at the end of the day, it is going to be worth the patience. I promise you that.

This consists of an earlier text that I wrote years before when I was still in school and experiencing the “curse” of unrequited love. Freely writing in here, I thought of publishing this, as a way to break free from the full-of-information articles and to write something fun for both me and you, the one reading this very article. Growing up, I think that all of us experience things like being in love or having a crush on someone that does not even give some attention back. On the same note, we understand the way the human mind works and how life is being experienced, which later on makes us understand situations like this while letting us become stronger and smarter on when and where we let our feelings grow and go. So, even if days like this one feel heavy on someone, try to think about all of the above, and take them a step further, whilst understanding that solitude is still life’s moment, that has to be enjoyed and experienced too.

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Socratis Santik Oglou
Socratis Santik Oglou
Born and raised in Greece, he studies Communication, Media & Culture, with a specialty at Cultural Management. He loves art, architecture, and films. In life, he has not settled down yet, but he is open to what life brings.